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Forklift Service and Repair

Forklift Service and Repair

At CMH Services, our support after the sale is what sets us apart and completes our total solution to your material handling requirements. With a focus on maximizing up-time, our support programs are tailored to your individual needs.

We service all makes and models of equipment.

Even if your fleet of equipment features our competitors’ brands, CMH Services can maintain your equipment.  Working in cooperation with our quality manufacturers, our Service departments offer and provide many services to help ensure your material handling equipment continues to deliver the performance and value that sets it apart from the competition. Our Services Teams are fully trained with knowledgeable professionals that have an average of 16 years of service experience. CMH Services offers the most comprehensive service programs in the industry, providing the customer with a variety of service options through our team of trained professionals. Depending on your needs, whether you prefer not to be involved in maintenance management or directly involved, we have the right service program for you.


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Contract/Full Maintenance

CMH Services takes ownership of all maintenance for your maximum uptime. With a risk-free, predictable rate, our contract maintenance program provides a full management solution to your maintenance needs. You pay a fixed monthly fee based on truck usage for all regular maintenance, simplifying annual cost predictions and life cycle calculations. Features of the full maintenance program include Planned Maintenance, Repair Parts Procurement, Maintenance Personnel Requirements, and providing you with itemized billing to identify regularly covered maintenance and operational misuse issues.

Planned Maintenance (PM)

CMH Services’ planned maintenance program provides a set schedule involving routine inspection of wearable parts and safety features, but allows the customer to manage the equipment repairs. You pay a fixed fee for basic services such as inspections, lubrication, and adjustments needed to prevent expensive repairs. At the conclusion of each service, the customer is presented with a checklist indicating any necessary repairs and then you can decide which repairs to make and when.