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Promote Safety with The Wave

Promote Safety with The Wave

Decreased Operator Injuries

Article written by Mark Brown,
Executive VP of Sales and Marketing

A Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) report on ladder safety showed some startling statistics concerning the frequency and severity of ladder-related accidents in the United States. Every year thousands of people are injured and hundreds are killed. By understanding the causes of ladder accidents the vast majority could be prevented.

Recent statistics show that:


• More than 90,000 people receive emergency room treatment from ladder related injuries every year.

• Elevated falls account for almost 700 occupational deaths annually.

• According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 50% of all ladder-related accidents were due to individuals carrying items as they climbed.

• The most common type of ladder-related injury, with 32%, is fractures.

• 40% of ladder falls resulted from the ladder itself moving. The large majority of these cases involve the bottom of the ladder moving.

• 24% were attributed to slips on the steps of the ladder.

• 18% of ladder falls were due to losing one’s balance.


These statistics are staggering and one can only imagine what the costs are for insurance claims, medical bills, or fines associated with these accidents; not to mention any lost productivity or product damages.

The Solution? Crown’s Wave

Crown’s new Work Assist Vehicle (WAV) is a versatile, safer alternative to rolling and step ladders. Each operator has to go through a four-point safety system that helps decrease operator accidents. This translates into decreased worker compenstation claims, downtime, and product damage. Many Wave customers report a complete return on investment within one year of purchase!



– Reduced operational expense –

– Reduced worker’s compensation cost –

– Reduced lost time expense –

– Reduced material handling damage costs –


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Great for Equipment Inspection, Restocking

Mast Storage Bins

Work Lights

Retractable Charger Cord Reel

Can be charged with a 110 Amp drop cord

Wave can enter most man-doors